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An exclusive series of Vertical Market Guides utilizing KeyPoint Intelligence - InfoTrends research and industry data. Each package gives you a strategic overview of a specific market, insight into decision-makers and deliverables, and print sample files to help sell your offerings. Share this valuable series with your sales and marketing teams.

Vertical Market Guides


Gain a solid understanding of the healthcare market, pinpoint sales opportunities, and key applications to help you open new opportunities. Learn strategies, tools and tips to target and sell to these decision makers.


Discover how to tap into the education market, develop sales strategies, and sell a range of applications to meet the printing needs of higher education institutes. Get insights to position your services and grow your business.


To sell print and communication products and services to the insurance market means identifying key decision makers, understanding their perspective, and offering solutions to solve needs. Learn how to set your business apart.

Financial Services

Many financial service providers have in-house printing operations that may need a partner to outsource print work. Uncover ways which your business can build a relationship and help expand on their capabilities.


Procurement rules play a key role in the buying decisions made by utility companies. Be better prepared than your competitors with the key tips and strategies when building your bid request and win more work.


Local governments tend to focus on the short-term. Learn how understanding their needs, and showcasing your products and services, will benefit their short-term interests. This knowledge is key to a successful sales strategy.


The hospitality market offers a great deal of opportunity for selling digital print due to the range of communications used to attract their customers. See how personalized, short-run, and quick turnaround applications are crucial to this market.


Nonprofits use print communications to drive fundraising, recruit donors, and increase public awareness. Discover the importance of print and how a print provider plays a vital role in supporting nonprofits success.

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