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Business Development

Learn how to set your business apart from your competitors, maximize your print investments, train your sales team for success and much more with the vast collection of this topic's content. Successful print providers understand the value in having a development plan to growing their business now and for the future.

The True Cost of Color Management

Learn how proper color management can lead to improved ROI realization with greater pricing flexibility, reduced rework and improved equipment utilization. Explore how your current practices — or the lack thereof — truly affect your business outcomes, and how to get started with a better color management strategy.

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5th Color

Discover the stunning real-world applications using the 5th Color station on the RICOH Pro C7210X/C7210SX Graphic Arts Edition.

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Why Customers Trust Ricoh

See what your peers are saying about Ricoh.

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Vertical Market Guide

Education Vertical Market Guide

Discover how to tap into the education market and develop sales strategies to meet the needs of the education market.
Print Sample

5th Color Print Samples

Utilize a range of 5th Color print samples to highlight the color consistency and quality to customers.

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